Whether you’re ensuring the compliance of a pain management patient or that of a drug offender, a comprehensive drug-testing program is the single most important facet you can implement to protect yourself and those you serve. With our solutions, implementation of advanced on-site testing is possible without a large investment of space or resources. We work directly with you to customize a testing program that’s just right for you and your needs.

eLab® also offers genetic testing which provides the physician with patient-specific information in order to tailor prescriptions based on patient drug compatibility and dosage. This allows the physician to minimize adverse reactions,identify genetic variations responsible for abnormal drug metabolism and provide a more effective drug regimen.

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eLab - Extreme laboratory solutions

eLab is a privately held Atlanta, Georgia based life sciences technology and laboratory services provider, historically serving criminal justice, clinical reference and pain management laboratories.

From its beginning in 2005 with four key employees in Huntsville, Alabama, eLab has utilized specific domain knowledge and expertise to develop and provide innovative solutions to the laboratories it serves.

Now with over 150 employees, eLab supports the needs of toxicology and general chemistry laboratories in over 20 states and still expanding, with applications for both the government and commercial sectors.

eLab continues to develop innovative software and solutions to manage critical test results data, the integration of test data with medical records systems, and to automate a wide variety of instrumentation and operational procedures for clinical reference and pain management laboratories.

eLab is investing today, to provide the extreme laboratory solutions which its customers will need to thrive in the ever-changing testing marketplace.


eLab’s mission is to enable its customers by providing innovative technologies and best of laboratory practices - with industry leading regulatory compliance.


Marty Smith

President and Chief Executive Officer, eLab® Solutions Corp.

As President/CEO, Marty Smith is responsible for the overall mission of eLab® Solutions. In doing so, he developed the company’s business model to offer a One Source Solution for everything needed to support compliance testing in the clinical and criminal justice industries.

Since its inception in 2005, he has served as the domain expert for the company’s products, including eLab’s QuikLIMS®, laboratory information management software. Mr. Smith has continued to expand eLab’s offerings to encompass testing products and services for the compliance testing industry, with the addition of general chemistry analyzers, chemical reagents, and a state of the art high complexity confirmation laboratory.

Recent developments include the design and development of a new 36,000 square foot corporate facility in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which also houses eLab’s highly specialized Next Day confirmation laboratory. Expansion is already underway for a genetic sequencing laboratory to support eLab’s pharmacogenetic drug metabolism, wellness and anti-aging testing solutions.

To accomplish eLab’s mission, Mr. Smith assembled a highly credentialed team to help design, develop, support and protect eLab’s innovations in toxicology, general chemistry, field applications, technical services for medical test equipment, medical compliancy, laboratory accreditation, billing, coding and regulatory compliance.

Prior to entering the medical laboratory software industry, Mr. Smith managed various teams responsible for developing logistics models and simulations of NASA and Air Force projects relating to Shuttle main engines, Shuttle assembly, Heavy Life Launch Vehicle concepts for future mission support, Titan launch simulations, Space Command Track and Telemetry modeling.


Rob Lurie

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, eLab® Solutions Corp.

As CTO, Rob Lurie is responsible for all aspects of eLab® Solutions technology, including oversight of the company’s global information network, technology strategy; IT planning, product development, engineering, implementation and operations; network planning, construction and operations; field operations, installation and maintenance; global supply chain; and corporate facilities.

Under Lurie’s leadership, eLab® Solutions has turbo-charged its innovation programs and now is recognized as an industry leader with its software solutions, including the company’s QuikLIMS® proprietary laboratory information management system.

Working with physicians, laboratories, and others, Lurie has architected eLab® Solutions to be open to collaboration, innovation, and global networking.

Prior to eLab®, Lurie worked with such notables as NASA, GM, Daimler Chrysler, Nokia, Lockheed-Martin, Motorola, Cadence, LabCorp, and others, to develop state of the art software solutions in a variety of environments. Mr. Lurie holds a B.S.E.E. from the University of Oklahoma and participated in the M.S.E.E. program at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.


Annie Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Assistant Corporation Secretary, eLab® Solutions Corp.

As chief operating officer, Ms. Smith’s passion is to provide leadership that encourages innovative thinking on the part of others and empowers them to develop to their full potential. With over 25 years management experience, including twelve years in the laboratory software environment, Ms. Smith has shared in the development and growth of eLab’s core products. Her technical background, along with first-hand laboratory experience, uniquely qualify her to act as liaison between the laboratory and the software team.

Prior to joining eLab, Smith used her coaching-style management techniques and technology skills to automate and improve process flow for several diverse corporations, including venture capital, aerospace, medical, and telecommunications.

Ms. Smith holds a bachelor of science in Business Administration from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where she graduated summa cum laude. Specializing in management information systems, she was presented the school’s prestigious Highest Academic Achievement award in 2004.


Christy Lurie

Chief Financial Officer, eLab® Solutions Corp.

Christy Lurie is chief financial officer with responsibility for financial planning, accounting, tax, auditing, treasury, investor relations, and shared services for eLab® Solutions. Through her love of people, Lurie has helped grow eLab® by overseeing all human resources for the company.

Lurie actively works with general counsel for compliance activities, real estate opportunities, and business development. Lurie works closely with international vendors to coordinate the purchase and delivery of critical laboratory components to customers.

Previously, Lurie served as vice president and chief financial officer with responsibility for financial planning, operational reporting, business planning, and accounting policies for Fulcrum Software.